Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I would like to build a wall around me too...I mean a literal, brick-and-mortar wall which would travel with me wherever i went.

In order to speak to me you would have to lightly rap on the door to get my attention.

Inside my wall would be a comfortable chair, a television and mini fridge...this would be especially useful at work because I could connect my computer to my television and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. The greatest part would be pretending I'm not inside the wall when someone I don't want to talk to comes and knocks on my door.

Obviously I would be inside the wall, It's my traveling wall after all, but I would not answer the door. Another major, major advantage is that if I was ever upset with something that happened while I was outside of the wall I could storm off and slam the door...that would be great...and furthermore, I would never leave my brick cubicle so anyone that is knocking on the door and getting no response would be doing so with the full knowledge that I am ignoring them and really, isn't shaming other humans half the fun of being human?