Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So I'm watching the crappy craptacular that is AFC football (Cleveland Underachievers versus Buffalo 4-Timers) last night and after a comedic, Benny Hill-type night, suddenly the game came down to this. 47 yards for the win. Wide right. Ballgame. Got me thinking--what happened to Scott Norwood? I feel bad for the guy. Even his wikipedia entry is apologetic.

While Norwood always will be blamed by many for "choking" in the clutch, the
other Bills had many opportunities during the course of the game to put it away
on their own. Having reached the 30 yard line to set up a 47-yard kick, the
Bills' offense did not set the team up for a win, as 47 yards was longer than
Norwood's best career kick on a grass field.

How do you come back from something like that? Basically everyone in Buffalo blames you for losing their one real chance for a title. Having that on your conscience every day would drive me insane. Then again, it's only Buffalo. That's like having an ugly girl mad at you. An ugly girl with bad breath, bad teeth, tummy rolls and spandex pants.