Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Dark Knight

Guate (2:56:47 PM): I am looking forward to this Batman movie
csam (2:57:13 PM): yeah me too
csam (2:57:54 PM): is it sad/funny/strange/sick as shit that im more excited about it since ledger died?
Guate (2:57:56 PM): i heard the Joker is grimy son
Guate (2:58:12 PM): if it is I am in the boat with you
Guate (2:59:04 PM): like I said I want to see the character that was so sociopathic it killed a man
csam (2:59:37 PM): yeah, i heard the same thing about joker in this one
Guate (3:00:58 PM): yeah
Guate (3:01:34 PM): Ledger had told his family that the nature of The Joker really freaked him out and that is what got him on sleeping pills
csam (3:02:29 PM): yeah, im definitely seeing that in a theater son
Guate (3:02:46 PM): uhhh number one, it's a make believe character dude. Number two, how great did he have to play him to begin associating himself with the personality of said make believe character?
csam (3:03:45 PM): thats the greatness of it...instead of doing joker as some caricature he was like...this is one fucked up dude right here...(opens door) well, see you in a few months...
Guate (3:04:13 PM): yeah
Guate (3:04:15 PM): lol
Guate (3:04:46 PM): did you hear the drunkard was bitching that they didnt ask him to reprise the role of The Joker?
csam (3:05:14 PM): yeah, like this grimy batman needed that joker (see what i did there?)
Guate (3:08:33 PM): lol
Guate (3:08:43 PM): i hoope they keep making movies
Guate (3:08:48 PM): like this
Guate (3:09:23 PM): can you imagine catwoaanm (catwoman, I got a little excited there)
csam (3:10:07 PM): i see that...hard to type around a small, VERY SMALL boner i see
Guate (3:10:13 PM): lol
Guate (3:10:16 PM): work dude
Guate (3:10:52 PM): but seriously, can you imagine a catwoman in these movies? They would have to be NC-17
csam (3:11:32 PM): or have a picture of you at every movie theater with a circle and a slash through it