Monday, March 30, 2009


St. Boringville was rocked as news was broken that a member of our community will be having a baby soon.
(wait, this isn't a gay community? *starts packing bags)

St. Boringville is abuzz at what sex the baby will be and what the name of the newest member of our quaint little town will be.

I on the other hand am abuzz as to how I can use this occasion to mock humanity and more importantly, the father endlessly.

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce the newest weekly (or somewhere around there) segment.


This beautiful device allows you to carry around your baby as you sashay your pretty little ass all around the town square. Note that instead of wearing the baby like a backpack you can have him on your hip. I 100% guarantee that a woman designed this product.

*I only hope every man can feel the joy of the model in this picture one day

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Niki said...

Uhmmm...Cesar is preggers? Ya gots to let a cracka sistah know dese things.