Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell and Good Luck

St. Boringville has always been and will always be for the children. This is why we placed a lifetime ban on Michael Jackson a very long time ago. The archives department of St. Boringville has dug deep into the files and the lifetime ban notification can be found here. The news that Michael Jackson had passed away yesterday came to the delight of most young boys.
We are here today to mourn this man, not the white woman who was reclusive and hung his child over a rail. This man gave us Thriller, Bad, Don't Stop..., Billie Jean, etc.
We also would like to send out our warmest wishes to the children of Michael Jackson. What were they again? "Pillow" and "Sprinkle Cup"?? and "Melondrop Kisses from the Moon Men"? *Always welcome in St. Boringville*

So in closing I would like to say that while St. Boringville did in fact place a lifetime ban on Michael Jackson, we do respe....aww fuck it, the guy was a child molester people. I hope he burns in hell right along with Hitler and Mother Theresa.

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